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The following training is offered on demand several times per month.

Connections At Work (Clean Edition)  4 hours.  You'll learn a set of tools to help teams achieve higher-performance communication and collaboration.  This 4 hour overview will get you started with Clean Language questions in the context of Systemic Modeling, the well honed set of integrated tools developed by Caitlin Walker, of Training Attention, Ltd, in the UK.  You'll experience a subset of these exercises and learn how they fit together in the larger package of tools that bring about transformational change in organizations.  Specifically, you'll

  • Set the conditions for you and your team to learn well together
  • Explore ‘Working at Your Best’  in small group exercise
  • Start using Clean Questions to find out more about how you and others perceive the world
  • Learn about ‘Clean Feedback’ 
  • Learn about the Drama Triangle and Karma Cycle
  • Q&A