Connections At Work offers collaboration training, Clean Language workshops, lean/agile facilitation and coaching to software development teams and organizations that are looking to become more effective and find joy in their collaborative work, whether it be agile or otherwise.  

We will help your leadership and teams go from good to great beyond just the process improvements so that there is mindful intent and mutual support between the people you've hired to get your products delivered. 

The 'system' and conditions for work are hugely important, and part of that is seen in how people listen, talk to each other, connect, engage, and ideate. Your deliberate attention is needed for these. Running online diagnostics for EQ will only tell you 'what', but not how to evolve to a better team.   

Whether it is how you use questions, how you conduct your meetings, how you deal with conflict, give feedback, reflect on your work, or even how you connect to your main product: the code - we will give you the tools and experiences to improve intentionally, with self-awareness, connection and  joy.


Creating connections at a workshop I gave at Agile Santa Barbara, January, 2016.

Connections At Work, LLC is is located at
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Phone: 571-437-4815.