Connections At Work offers collaboration training, workshops and coaching to software development teams and organizations that are looking to become more effective and find joy in their collaborative work, whether it be agile or otherwise.

I have trained and coached program managers, project managers, lawyers, and even other coaches in both government and private industry.  I train agile and lean methodologies (Scrum and Kanban) and share communication techniques that are more avant-garde such as Clean Language, Systemic Modelling, the Core Protocols, and Non-Violent Communication.  I believe strongly that the process and technical improvements that organizations are picking up from the Agile and Lean/Kanban communities are immensely helpful and that they can only be furthered by even better communicators.   I am most passionate about helping everyone lead from their core, being in touch with their purpose and contribution to group efforts and great software products.

I can help your organization reach its greatest potential, helping people recover from cynicism, disagreement, and the disarray that arises from poor communication. 

 I want to help good teams be great, and I want to help rout out mediocrity from the work place, while helping folks get their work done together.  Whether it is how you use words, how you conduct your meetings, how you deal with conflict, give feedback,  reflect on your work, or even how you connect to your main product: the code - I want to give you tools to improve intentionally, with self-awareness, connection and  joy.

Creating connections at a workshop I gave at Agile Santa Barbara, January, 2016.

My business is located in Fairfax, VA. The address is:
5781 Robeys Meadow Lane, Fairfax, VA, 22030. I am incorporated as a single member LLC as of January 3, 2016.  You can contact me at or by phone at 571-437-4815.